Where I Stand

Real Representation


I believe that an elected official’s first and foremost responsibility is to represent the people who elect them. This means that the people in their communities should know that they can always trust their representative to do what they say they will, when they say they will.

Fiscal Responsibility


Our province has some of the best services in our country, but those services cost money. We need to not be afraid to look at ways to save money while preserving the quality of those services. I believe that government can  strive to protect the jobs of front line workers while making sure our services are efficient as possible.

Social Progress


I believe that one of the roles of the government is to ensure that social progress continues to move forward. I support making sure that Albertans who need support receive the right kind of support in the right kind of way at the right time.

Services For Albertans


We will need government to support some services always, but there are many opportunities where our private sector may be able to provide services to people more efficiently and at a lower cost to Albertans. We should explore those.



Coming soon!



There are many different ways to prepare for a career representing communities. I believe that my life and career have prepared me very well, and in order to show you how serious I am about getting this job, I have attached my resume for you in the bio section.