About Nate Pike

I’ve been active in social and political causes all of my life. I have always been fiercely proud to call myself a Canadian and an Albertan because I truly believe that many of the principles that Canada was built on are very much needed today. I also believe that acknowledging our history is critically important to making sure that the path we choose is the one that best serves all Albertans and Canadians. I strongly believe in fiscal responsibility and making sure that Albertans have the opportunities that each and every one of us deserve. We’ve come a long way as a province and I believe that we have much farther to go still!

What brought me here?

Like most Albertans, I’ve had more than one career. I’ve worked at gas stations, worked middle management and for almost the last decade I’ve had the privilege of serving the people of Alberta as a Paramedic. Whether it’s when I have been responding to a medical crisis in someone’s living room, evacuating people during the 2013 floods or providing mental health support to first responders in Fort McMurray during the wildfires, I am grateful for the trust Albertans have placed in me and that  I have been fortunate to be able to serve the people of my province. I am ready to take that service to the Legislature.

About me

Like so many Albertans, my bottom line is about family. Whether on the ambulance, working alongside the Police or the Fire Department the one question I ask myself is could I tell my wife and kids the decisions I made and how I made them. I am incredibly fortunate to be married to my best friend Nikki and we have two wonderful boys together. In my spare time I enjoy supporting social causes such as the annual benefit concert for the Calgary Womens Emergency Shelter that I have hosted for the last 10 years and playing live music.

My Resume

I believe that people should know who wants to represent them, and I believe that anyone applying for any elected office should be transparent with theit experience and work history. If you have to give a resume to your potential employers, I should have to give you mine! Below is a copy of my current resume for your consideration.